Cardboard Stories Tell A Different Side To People’s Homelessness

A new campaign is aiming to breakdown the stereotypes associated with homelessness to show that it can happen to anyone. Simply titled Cardboard Stories, this video illustrates the past lives of people living on the streets, showing us that even though you may have it all, losing it all is just as easy.

The people in the video have lived as models, figure skaters, personal trainers, and even robot builders, but have just fallen victim to losing everything. ‘Since the recession began, the face of homelessness has been changing,’ the organization says. ‘From school children to the elderly, from the barely employed to the victims of abuse… homelessness can affect anyone… unless we all come together to make a difference’.

This really is a powerful message we should all pay attention to.

Via The Daily Mail

This homeless person is starting over.
This homeless person lets us know she has a job but still can't afford a place of her own.
This homeless person was once a figure skater.
This man once built robots.
This woman used to be a personal trainer before she fell victim to homelessness.
This man was awarded a scholarship before finding himself homeless.
This man speaks four languages.
This person went to modeling school before becoming homeless.
Domestic violence sent this parent into homelessness.