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New Kickstarted game mixes Instagram with real-life challenges to get you offline

Lost At E Minor invited Len Kendall to let us know about his first mobile game called Cartegram, which he hopes will get you mixing city-based challenges and biodegradable stickers with Instagram, Flickr or even Facebook in order to have fun out and about in the world.

Take it away, Len. (And if you’re interested, you have about 30 hours to back the project on Kickstarter!)

Len Kendall: “I’m in the process of designing and releasing my first mobile game: Cartegram. It’s a simple adventure experience that requires a smartphone, a pocket notebook, and biodegradable stickers. Although it cannot work without a smartphone, it encourages players to look away from their device for most of the experience.

“The premise is simple: Players traverse their city and follow the loose challenges (or “stages”) presented in the Cartegram notebooks. When something is spotted that can complete a Stage, a biodegradable sticker needs to be placed on an appropriate object and photo needs to be taken that has the tag in view. While Instagram is the preferred platform for most players, other photo communities like Flickr or Facebook will do just fine.

“While the game is primarily meant to be experienced alone, the use of tagging (both online and offline) helps recruit new players and makes it easier for existing players to compare their respective stages with each other. As more and more players attempt the same stages, there will be an increased level of creativity that emerges from participants who add their own unique angle.

“My vision for Cartegram is to start with broad challenges in the first edition, but quickly move into uniquely themed versions. I’m already coordinating with the design-savvy “Tattly” temporary tattoo company to produce stickers for an upcoming “human” version of Cartegram where players scout for unique types of people, instead of objects. Other potential themes that have been requested include “Street Art,” “Food,” and “Road Trips.”

“The Kickstarter campaign is fully funded and several hundred people across the world have already signed-up for the first release. I hope you join us as we develop the Cartegram community.”

Len’s video does a pretty good job of explaining how the game collaborates with others, encouraging creativity and a connection.

Cartegram - mixing Instagram with real-world adventure
Cartegram - mixing Instagram with real-world adventure