Featured Image for The Morning Gloryville Rave: go healthy clubbing at 6.30 in the morning

The Morning Gloryville Rave: go healthy clubbing at 6.30 in the morning

Imagine turning up to a rave at 6:30am. But not just any rave. In fact, this isn’t one of those mythical after-after parties, where you look around and realise everyone is midway into a week-long bender. Rather, this is the start of your morning of glory: a couple of hours with coffee, juice, yoga, massages and a group of fun people dancing away to fierce DJ beats.

This is a reality in Brooklyn, where a team of go-getters have put together a morning rave, where it’s less about fluoro and more about your gym wear and starting your day off right.

Morning Gloryville ‘exploded into existence’ in East London in May 2013, and has since grown into a global movement with ravers getting down everywhere from Amsterdam to Tokyo.

We checked out New York’s Episode #3 at Brooklyn Zoo, a sort of gym space (built for parkour, breakdancing) featuring a bouncy floor, perfect for springing you around the makeshift dance-floor and for grooving with a juice, coffee and good vibes.

The overwhelming initial feeling when we walked onto the dancefloor was ‘Hang on…we’re sober’. Yes, dancing at 6:30am just didn’t feel quite right. But the atmosphere is so positive and fun that it’s almost impossible to do anything more than join the crowd and stop worrying: just bounce, twerk and groove your way through to a morning of fun. We loved it.

For those of you in Sydney, listen up: now’s your chance to get in early and brag to your friends when it becomes huge (Colour Run, anyone?). The launch party kicks off tomorrow in Paddington. Tickets are $22 online or $30 at the door.

New Yorkers can check out Episode #4 on August 13th.

And everyone else, check out if Morning Gloryville is in your city (or get involved with starting one up).