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Bump painting: gorgeous murals on pregnant tummies

The art form of painting has pre-historic origins from the dawn of time. Since we graduated from painting on the walls of caves, mankind has taken the brush to an ever-expanding repertoire of surfaces: wood, canvas, stone, paper, walls, whole buildings, food, naked bodies, the list goes on. In the spirit of continuing this legacy of variety, Cornwall-based painter Carrie Preston has developed quite a talent for painting on the swollen bellies of heavily pregnant women.

At university Preston achieved a BA in Early Child Studies and it seems she has taken this degree title very literally indeed. Having started with murals on the walls of children’s bedrooms, Carrie has now painted over 130 ‘bumps’, each one taking about two-hours. Sadly they are temporary so she also photographs each of her unique paintings so that the expecting parents have a keepsake of a magical moment in a magical time.

She says: ‘Pregnancy is one of the most special times in a couple’s life and I believe that if anything can be done to help cherish this then it should be done without questioning. The soon-mum-to-be can sit and relax while the cooling sponges and brush strokes create her chosen design. Babies always kick a little during the painting session too!’

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