Have your own front row seats at more than 13,000 concerts

Music Vault has spent the past two years remastering more than 13,000 concert videos, and if that’s still not amazing enough, they’ve decided they want to share them with you on YouTube. Yes, you get to spend sleepless nights watching some serious footage that spans the last five decades, with fantastic performances by a wide array of artists, spanning classic rock and soul such as Bob Dylan, the Grateful Dead and James Brown, alongside indie artists like St. Vincent and Deer Tick.

If you feel you are too spoilt for choice as the case may very well be, Music Vault has made several playlists, including “Best of the Vault”. “Face-Melting Guitar Solos” and “Legends of Fillmore East”. Music Vault content editor Bill Antonucci hopes the videos will give younger fans a taste of what it was like to see some classic bands while older fans can relive concerts they attended.

“Fans can expect a front-row seat to some of the greatest rock & roll performances of all time: Bruce Springsteen on the Darkness Tour in 1978, The Who at Tanglewood in 1970, The Allman Brothers at the Fillmore East in 1970,” he tells Rolling Stone. “These are legendary musicians captured at the peak of their powers.”

Via Rolling Stones

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rolling stones concert