Undress Me, the sequel to First Kiss: twenty strangers rip each others clothes off (NSFW)

So we’re pretty sure that, like us, you must be kinda bored of all those “20 strangers meet and kiss for the first time” parodies. But this is slightly different. Firstly it’s a legitimate sequal to the initial video that caused a storm of both positive and negative conversation. With the official stamp of filmmaker Tatia Pilieva (responsible for First Kiss), there’s no mark of parody about Undress me. [watch the video here!]

As you may have already guessed, the video is pretty well summed-up by it’s title: twenty pairs of strangers meet for the first time in a dark minimal studio furnished only with a simple bed. Their purpose there is to undress each other… and then apparently jump into bed together.

All the same questions remain left over from First Kiss, that’s a really good-looking group of random strangers, they’re all incredibly confident and go-get-em, how come they all just jump into bed together on camera. Are they all actors or just a bunch of promiscuous single people brought together by some happy chance. Whatever your viewpoint on this video and it’s predecessor, you can’t deny that Georgian-born Pilieva has quite the knack for grabbing our attention.

Via Design Taxi

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