Everything Is Not Awesome: Greenpeace strike out at Lego’s partnership with Shell in this hard-hitting animation

In the latest stand in their campaign against drilling for oil in the arctic, Greenpeace have released a viral video aimed at shaming Lego into ending their partnership with Shell. The children’s toy manufacturer is involved in a partnership with the oil giant through which Lego toys are now distributed through Shell service stations.

The video, created by London agency Don’t Panic, is entitled Everything Is Not Awesome (A spin on the Lego Movie theme tune Everything Is Awesome, for those of you unfortunate enough to not have seen it). It portrays a delightful arctic scene constructed from Lego, containing animals, people and pristine blues and whites. Slowly, what we can only assume to be real oil, wells up from the Lego drilling platform and first engulfs the sea, then the snow, then the polar bears and arctic foxes and finally the people. It is a bleak illustration of the devastating effects of a single oil spill, something that is even more likely in the harsh icy conditions of the far north.

It is well-constructed dig by Greenpeace, simultaneously shaming Lego and drawing attentions to Shell’s ambitions to exploit the arctic region as far as possible. The environmental group implore viewers to share the video far and wide, and we agree. The Arctic is a unique reserve of nature, a legacy of our planet for which we have no spare.

Mmore information about Greenpeace’s fight against Shell here.

Everything Is Not Awesome
Everything Is Not Awesome