Featured Image for KitKat bars as train tickets in Japan’s north

KitKat bars as train tickets in Japan’s north

London has Oyster Card, New York has MetroCard, Melbourne has Myki, and the folks using the Sanriku Railway network have KitKat. That’s right, Starting from June this year train travellers in northern Japan can use KitKat as train tickets.

The idea behind this promotion is to revitalise tourism in a part of Japan devastated by the earthquake and tsunami three years ago. The brand has been supporting the region since 2011 when Nestle discovered that the reconstruction team working on the railway had received KitKat products as a form of encouragement.

KitKat then started working with the railway company, donating 20 yen per bar to the rebuilding project. KitKat also decorated two trains and two train stations with paintings of cherry blossoms. In Japanese culture this symbolises hope. KitKat train tickets will be available until May 2015.

Travel on Japanese trains using KitKat wrappers as tickets