Found! You can now stream Aphex Twin’s abandoned LP from 1994 for free

What’s that they say about creative geniuses? When you’re as good as Richard D. James a.k.a. Aphex Twin, even an abandoned LP has stardust all over it. Two decades ago, the electronic musician recorded an entire EP under his Caustic Window moniker, planning to release it on his label, Rephlex Records. He ended up scrapping it. Other than four people (including James) who were known to have a vinyl test pressing of the album, the world never got to hear much from or about this LP.

Earlier this year, the album surfaced on Discogs for sale. One thing led to another, and eventually fans from electronic music community We Are The Music Makers decided to join forces to purchase the album via Kickstarter crowdfunding and make a deal with the record label to allow backers to own a digital copy of Caustic Window. Now the backers have received their digital copies and you can now hear the full album on YouTube. It’s a slow-burner but kicks in by the third track or so. Oh, how we’ve missed Aphex Twin.