This interactive lamp simulates a thunderstorm in your living room

‘Cloud’ is an interactive lamp created by designer Richard Clarkson, wherein at a touch of a button, the device brings in a thunderstorm right in your living room. Made to look like a cumulus cloud, the lamp simulates the rapid flashes of lightning and the deafening sound of thunder, turning the ordinary fixture into an entertainment device.

The lamp also has motion sensors that would send ‘Cloud’ in a flurry of lights and sounds upon detecting someone’s presence in the room. And if that weren’t cool enough, users can stream music, change its color, and use it as a nightlight!

Of course, clouds don’t come cheap. The smart lamp is available at Clarkson’s online store for $3,360. To get an idea of how he built the innovative device, you can read more about it on his website.

Via Design Taxi

cloud 1
cloud 3
cloud 4

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