A skate revival has hit Hungary, and it’s all on film

A revolution is rising on the streets of Budapest. In partnership with Vodafone, the industrious skateboarder Balazs Jassek has created a film to combat the inactivity of youth in Hungary, swinging the social media spotlight on to the beginnings of a skate revolution in Hungary.

The 39-year old skate-shop owner is an avid boarding enthusiast, opening his first shop at age 13 in his parents’ house. He has been described as Budapest’s original skateboarder, and now he is taking the initiative with the support and expertise of Vodafone at his back, to breathe life back into the urban sport.

In the full length video of the project, Balazs says that less and less kids were skating as he grew up because they had nowhere to do it. He explains that his film is not the sum total of the project, but that he also wanted to build a park where young Budapestites could come and rediscover skateboarding.

“I remember the first time I saw someone do an ollie, it touched me so much I went out and practised till I landed one, but it took me a while because at that point in my life I was wearing cowboy boots.”

Balazs hopes that he can inspire this same feeling in other kids, and that the skate revolution will spread through Budapest and beyond until there are skateparks galore, and skaters to fill them.

The Vodafone Firsts project also includes two slick videos explaining the technology used in the fast paced filming, as well as the complicated aerodynamics that take place when executing a kickflip, an awesome package in all. We hope the revolution is a success and that Budapest is soon filled with teenagers on wheels! Visit for the full story.