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Guess what: short, fat and bald men apparently live the longest

Never mind that the better looking specimens seem more popular, earn more money and have more people hanging onto their every word (or at the very least, pretending to do so) – scientists have revealed, and it’s about time too, that short men live longer than tall blokes.

The former are more likely to have the live-longer gene, FOXO3, while the latter are more likely to suffer from poor health and die younger. As for being fat, a study at the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention in Maryland, US, have found evidence to support the observation that being overweight can extend one’s life expectancy as well.

And if you are as bald as a baby or your comb-over guarantees immediate eye-rolling, depress not cos a study at the University of Washington assures you have a 29% to 45% reduction in the risk of developing prostate cancer.

As for the severely antisocial amongst us with smelly feet and sweaty armpits, Belgian researchers have abandoned their chocolate breaks long enough to publish a study in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology which clearly states that these beings gain much more sympathy than people who reek of beer or cigarette smells.

In other words, there has never been a better time than now for the ninety per cent of us.

Via Mirror UK