Featured Image for Design done right: Caution wet floor banana cones

Design done right: Caution wet floor banana cones

Bananas that prevent slipping instead of causing them? What is the world coming to? The ‘Banana Cone’ is a safety cone that, as the name implies, looks like a giant banana peel with ‘Caution Wet Floor’ markings.

The company behind the cones, ‘Banana Products’, says: ‘What grabs your attention better than the patented Banana Cone? The standard caution cones have become a common site which people ignore every day. This defeats their purpose which is to prevent injury!’ They add that the cones not only reduces accidents by making the cones attractive, but also might put a smile on your face.

There seems to be something off with having ‘Wet Floor’ and ‘Banana’ being mentioned in the same sentence, but hey, they sure got our attention. The Banana Cones are available both on Amazon and Ebay.

Via Geekologie

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