Mumbai’s Franceso’s Pizzeria is now delivering pizza by drone

Don’t you just hate it when that home delivery meal takes such a long time to arrive you might as well have visited the restaurant in person in the first place? I certainly do, and for this reason alone, I may just uproot and migrate to Mumbai, India, because their Franceso’s Pizzeria has come up with a nifty airborne solution. There will be no more excuses about thunder storms, traffic jams, or the delivery boy who suffers from amnesia.

When you call for a pizza from Franceso’s Pizzeria to be home delivered to you, the good folks there will strap their pizza to a four-rotored drone about the size of a small bedside table. Your pizza is then smoothly and remotely piloted in the air while pedestrians drag their heavy feet and drivers hoot their horns impatiently on the ground below.

But there’s a little catch. As of now, they can only fly their pizza this snazzy way within a 1.5km radius of the restaurant.

Via Economic Times