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Horrific tools used for early medical procedures

Let’s all take a moment and think about how very lucky we are to be living in the modern era. Antibiotics, inoculations, key-hole surgery and much more besides, the world of medicine has come leaps and bounds in the last fifty years, let alone the last few centuries!

Count yourself fortunate that you can take a paracetamol for your migraine rather than having a hole drilled through your skull to ‘relieve pressure’. In Victorian times, when your tonsils became a bit swollen, what did you do? Take some antibiotics? WRONG! The doctor stuck a miniature guillotine into your mouth and cut them right out.

We consider plastic-surgery to be a phenomenon of our modern age, however the concept has been around for millenia. Until recently however, it usually involved what can only be described as a ‘prosthetic face’, which would be used to cover horrific injuries rather than fix them. While not advisable, at least the patients (or should I say victims?) were often prescribed heroine syrup to help with the pain.

Frankly the list is endless. The worrying thing is the doctors then thought they were doing the right thing and turned out to be way off the mark. What’s to say people won’t be saying the same thing about us in a hundred years?