Coke create 16 useful bottle caps to encourage people to hang on to empty bottles

This year, to encourage the reuse of their plastic bottles in Vietnam, Coca-Cola launched their ‘2nd Lives’campaign, a project that features 16 distinct bottle caps designed to get people of all ages to hang on to empty coke bottles by giving them a new purpose.

From a pencil sharpener to a variety of nozzles for sprays, soaps and sauces, some of the caps are innovative to say the least. A few of the more delightful include a spongey-filter that transforms the bottle into a giant paint pen and fully-fledged super-soaker attachment.

The most perplexing is probably the extension that converts two coke bottles into a dumbbell. In reality, unless you fill them with molten lead, that’s not going to weigh more than a kilogram…max!

Coca-Cola released a video recently that shows children and adults in Vietnam enjoying the multitude of 2nd Lives, all smiles and sunshine. While it is true that the 16 available bottle caps are wonderful and well-intentioned, in reality it is unclear how much benefit the project will actually do. The production of the caps themselves, of which 40 000 will be distributed for free with purchases this year, will require a large amount of plastic and it is unclear whether this will come from recycled sources.

Ignoring the environmental standpoint and returning to immaturity for a second, we can’t wait till these awesome caps hit our shores!

Via Designboom

Coca Cola 2nd Lives Graphic
Coca Cola 2nd Lives - Bubbleblower Cap
Coca Cola 2nd Lives - Dumbbell Cap
Coca Cola 2nd Lives - Squirter Cap
Coca Cola 2nd Lives - Various Caps