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This surreal photoshoot was done underwater on a ship wreck in Bali

Seven divers, two models, a 50-year old underwater shipwreck off the coast off Bali. How much more badass could a photoshoot get? But for Montreal-based photographer and director Benjamin Von Wong, who is known for his outrageous photoshoot concepts, it’s all part of a day’s work.

At first glance, the surreal images might look like they’re a product of some pretty rad photo manipulation, but actually, they’re the result of a challenging process Wong and his crew had to go through. Starting with his crew, he had to get seven certified divers, as well as two models who were trained freedivers. Anyone who’s been in the water, let alone 25 meters below it, knows this is no easy task. As for the ship wreck, he had to get a special permit to use the underwater site.

It gets harder from there. Since the seawater would permanently damage the fancy dresses worn in the shoot, Wong had to find a designer willing to permanently part with their creations. Due to underwater conditions, Wong was limited to using natural light, all the while giving instructions to his team and ensuring the safety of his models.

The results of this risky and dangerous photoshoot are images that only the wildest of imaginations could conjure. Images of beautiful sea goddesses, with their dresses and flowy hair flowing amongst the battered remains of a sunken ship. Through the daring efforts of one photographer and his crew, we get to see an enchanting realm under the depths of the ocean.

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