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We interviewed the designer of this bloody swimsuit

Sunglasses: check! Sunblock: check! Blood, Guts, and other internal organs: check! ‘Dem Guts’ is an anatomically-correct swimsuit that has shows that the human anatomy can be sexy and beach-ready. In this exclusive interview with Black Milk Clothing and designer James Lillis, they talk more about the bloody swimsuit and their upcoming collection, ‘Battle of Kings’. [read our original post about it here.]

What gave you the idea of designing a swimsuit with an illustration of the human anatomy? Weren’t you afraid that people would be a bit grossed out by the idea?
The Dem Guts swimsuit was actually a limited edition piece we created for Halloween last year. Our Halloween collections are always a bit different, we’ve done spiders and maggots and snakes and bones and other anatomy pieces – so in that context, guts made sense to us!

We’re not particularly concerned with the people who might be grossed out or think our gear is a bit weird – that’s ok, we’re not creating clothes for them. We’re creating clothes for people who don’t mind pushing a few boundaries every now and then..particularly on Halloween!

How surprised were you when ‘Dem Guts’ became a hit online and started selling like pancakes?
It was a limited piece, so we knew it would sell out when we released it. It was a huge surprise to find it all over the Internet six months later, though!

Do you know anyone who has actually worn the swimsuit at the beach and what were the reactions of the people who saw the swimsuit in action?
Our swimsuits generally get a lot of attention at the beach, and the Dem Guts swimsuit would be no different. You get a lot of people asking about it, and a lot of questions about whether or not it’s anatomically correct. It’s not, by the way – creative license!

Tell us more about your new collection called ‘Battle of Kings’.
Battle of the Kings is inspired by knights and ladies and epic battles. That comes through very strongly in our designer pieces, which feature premium lace, wine velvet, and some very cool net pieces. We’ve designed a chain mail print as well, which is quite exciting.

chainmail swimsuit
chainmail swimsuit
chainmail swimsuit
dem guts
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