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The solution to potholes: cover them with mosaics

Apparently, the saying, ‘if you want something done, you gotta do it yourself’, also applies to potholes. Inspired by the mosaics he saw in Italy, artist Jim Bachor has started work last year on seven of Chicago’s 600,000 potholes, filling them in with his own artistic touch.

The mosaics would often read, ‘POTHOLE’, or sometimes bearing fake serial numbers. He says the mosaics also resemble Chicago’s flag, his way of treating the projects as a form of city pride, rather than a form of ridicule and complaint against the local government.‘It was kind of like stating the obvious’, Bachor tells Hyperallergic. ‘A way to say, ‘This is a Chicago pothole, dammit!’

While most officials would frown upon a project like this, the Chicago Transit Authority has lauded his efforts, even awarding him a commission for it. Bachor plans to fix more potholes in the downtown area, and incorporating local car repair shop phone numbers to make the pieces both beautiful and practical.

Via Hyperallergic

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