Featured Image for This candle smells like old books! We interviewed the design team who created it

This candle smells like old books! We interviewed the design team who created it

The number one most addicting and gratifying thing to book lovers everywhere: the scent of old books. Now, thanks to Minneapolis-based Etsy seller Frostbeard Studio, you can have that wonderful aroma in scented candle form. In this exclusive interview, the couple behind Frostbeard, Roxie and Tom, talk about how their scented candles business started and how they developed scents such as ‘Old Books’, ‘Book Cellar’, and ‘Oxford Library’. [Read our original post about them here.]

Where did the idea of an old book smell scented candle come from?
As a huge book nerd, I wanted to own a candle that smelled like a library and couldn’t find one, so I decided to use my DIY skills and make one (Oxford Library). Our Booklovers’ candle series developed from there and several customers recommended that I make an ‘old books’ scent.

How difficult was it in capturing the smell of old books in the form of a scented candle? How long did it take you to perfect the aroma?
Whenever we create a new scent we order several sample fragrance oils that we think would be a good fit (paper, must, newsprint, library, attic, dirt etc). They make fragrance oils for just about any smell you can imagine. Getting the proportions right is the hardest part, so no individual scent dominates the combination.

Creating our Old Books scent we literally held up an old yellow-paged book to our nose and compared it to our concoction. The sweetness of the old book was surprising and fun, so we went that route and added a white tea fragrance to the mix.

Since there are so many varieties of old book smells, we weren’t surprised when some customers wanted a less-sweet even older, mustier book smell. We didn’t want to change our original recipe so we created our Book Cellar candle, which smells like a basement.

Out of your entire candle collection, what are your favourite scents and why?
We like ’em all, but have a couple favorites. Roxie loves the original Oxford Library, and also Don’t Panic (Fresh Towel) because of the clean laundry scent and tie-in with The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Tom really likes the smell of Winterfell, which is woodsy and masculine.

What new scents are you planning to do next? Anything sci-fi in store?
Every month we feature a new candle in a limited run, so we’re always testing out fresh ideas. When the Candle of the Month is a hit, like “Gatsby’s Mansion” or “Reading at the Cafe”, we’ll add it to our permanent collection.

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