Featured Image for You can literally sit amongst the clouds at this Japanese resort

You can literally sit amongst the clouds at this Japanese resort

Hoshino Resorts Tomamu, in the Yūfutsu District of Japan, is a multi-complex family resort that is open all year round. It is popular for its expansive slopes and famous for its finely powdered snow. But what draws new and repeat visitors to the resort even more is the stupendous Sea of Clouds phenomenon that envelopes them completely. The resort’s terrace, located at 1,088 meters above sea level, is reached via chairlifts that carry skiers up the mountain in winter.

The passengers disembark onto the terrace after a leisurely ride of 13 minutes. Because the terrace is built in such a way that it juts out from Mount Tomamu, it encourages the billowy clouds to roll inwards, towards the resort, and visitors are understandably thrilled at finding themselves engulfed with masses and masses of nature’s fluffy wonder.

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cloud nine resort
cloud nine resort

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