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Brogamats: manly yoga mats for bros

Infuriated by the lack of manliness in today’s yoga accessory designs, San Francisco-based entrepreneur and yogi Dan Abramson decided to add some machismo to the practice by coming up with his own line of mat bags: The ‘Brogamats’.

The collection includes mat bags that look like a delicious burrito, a quiver of arrows, a downward-facing log, and a lumberjack check flannel. I told you it was manly. There’s also a yoga mat that has the quiver of arrows design. Last September, Abramson launched his website with an inventory of 20 bags by posting some photos and a link on Reddit, eventually getting the bro-poval of other bros, leaving him with a long waiting list of customers.

Surprisingly, the Brogamats became a hit with women as well. ‘I immediately saw that a lot of the first customers were those initial Redditors – equal amounts of men and women – and they really helped me guide the product from that stage forward’, he tells Priceonomics. He also says more designs will be available in the coming months. As for now, you can purchase a Brogamat on their website for $35.

UPDATE: Here’s a peek at our exclusive interview with the bro who came up with Brogamats!

Can you fill us in on how Brogamats got started?

Brogamats started when I was walking to yoga class with my girlfriend one day in San Francisco. I admitted that it felt a little weird as a dude to carry a pink yoga mat to a chick-dominated sport, like yoga, and joked ‘what if we could make a yoga mat that looked like chopped wood?’

‘What if we could make a yoga mat that looked like blueprints!’ she shot back.

‘Or a recently hunted deer!’

‘Or a huge fish!’

And then we just kept cracking each other up with funny objects I could have on my back that would help re-masculate the male yoga practitioner. Thus Brogamats was born.

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