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The world’s oldest cat is 24 years old (114 human years)

The secret to longevity: KFC. Ok maybe not, but that’s what keeps the world’s oldest cat going and going and going. Poppy, a 24-year old cat – that’s 114 in human years – from Bournemouth, England, was recently recognized as The Guinness Book of World Records’ oldest living cat.

‘I guess she has a good diet and lots of exercise. She keeps herself fit by walking around and she eats a lot,’ says Marguerite West, Poppy’s human who adopted her at age 5 from another owner. ‘She’s never been a big cat though. She is partial to the odd takeaway. We sometimes give her a bit of KFC chicken, fish and chips and even the odd bit of kebab meat’.

Poppy is also deaf and blind, but her owner says she’s still top cat in their household. ‘Poppy is definitely the top cat and she is still quite feisty. If one of the other cats tries to eat her food she will bite them on the ear’.

The world’s oldest cat of all time was Crème Puff from Austin, Texas, who was 38 years and 3 days at the time of her death in 2005.

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