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Drinkable sunscreen! Take a gulp before you go out into the sun

One evolved company has claimed to have developed sunscreen we can drink. Yes, you heard that right. No more slathering of icky, gooey stuff on our bodies as we prepare to battle it out under the merciless sun.

The potable sunscreen, said to be comparable to an SPF 30 lotion, is actually purified water “imprinted with unique vibrational waves which isolate out the precise frequencies needed to protect you from UV rays,” according to the press release issued by Osmosis Skincare. The product is housed in a 3.38-ounce bottle that retails for US$30.00. Each 2-mL serving is to be ingested with 2 precise ounces of water. This concoction will provide about three hours of sun protection coverage.

Dr. Ben Johnson, the founder and formulator of Osmosis Skincare, has warned that the duration can vary depending on a person’s weight. And here I am thinking it has got to do with how strong or weak the sun’s rays are on any particular day!

Via Huffington Post

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