Featured Image for This device makes squeezing citrus fruits a lot easier

This device makes squeezing citrus fruits a lot easier

When life give you lemons, you make lemonade you take this nifty gadget and insert it into the fruit, allowing you to access and spray the juice with ease. ‘Stem’ was created by inventor and biologist Tim Houle, who came up with the idea when he was working at a Mexican restaurant.

He loved the magical combination of lime juice on tortilla chips, but didn’t like the arduous process of cutting and skinning the citrus fruits. Plus, squeezing the citrus the ol’ fashioned way didn’t give a balanced distribution of juice on chips. And so, the idea for ‘Stem’ was born.

‘Stem’s serrated teeth allow for simple insertion into all types of citrus fruit, its nozzle sprays evenly, and its body comes apart for easy cleaning’, reads a product description. After collaborating with Quirky, the invention became a reality and has since become one of the site’s best-sellers. You can purchase the product on Quirky for $3.99.

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