Featured Image for Shoes that have teeth for soles are something to smile about

Shoes that have teeth for soles are something to smile about

‘I said put your tooth under the pillow, not under your shoe!’ Creative duo Dominic Young and Mariana Fantich of East London-based studio ‘Fantich & Young’, have come up with a shoe sculpture that you could say is armed to the teeth – literally!

The ‘apex predator’ is a pair of shoes inspired by the classic Mary Janes; only difference being the predator having more bite to it. Instead of having the traditional rubber bottom, the artists implanted hundreds of dentures into the sole, giving it a grotesque and macabre rendition. Now, I advise you to extract yourself from this article before these haunting images of shoes with fangs become the root of the problem.

UPDATE: Need more reasons to smile about? Here’s an excerpt from our exclusive interview with Fantich & Young!

How’d you come up with the concept of using teeth as the soles of shoes?

Our work address’s parallels between social evolution and evolution in the natural world, nature as model or nature as a threat. The shoes reflect aspects of the political philosophy (‘survival of the fittest’) of Herbert Spencer’s Social Darwinism and the financially related Economic Darwinism theory.

Apex Predator was created in 2010 in response to 2008 financial crisis. Apex Predator highlights the bail out and whitewash of the 2008 financial crisis that accumulated not only in the political policy that some banking institutions were too big to fail but were too big for trial.

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