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Wet Dog: a photo series showing dogs that are having a worse day than you

Fact: dogs are walking, barking, balls of fur that embody everlasting happiness and unconditional love. Another fact: these same creatures turn into metaphorical pits of gloom and sorrow – with matching puppy dog eyes – as they endure the torturous ritual called, ‘bath time’.

New York-based French photographer Sophie Gamand captured the poor but hilarious faces of our furry friends during mid-bath, in series called ‘Wet Dog’. She took photos of more than a dozen dogs getting a good grooming at pet stylist Ruben Santana’s Bronx studio. The portraits were taken half a second, just before they do their trademark shake, capturing the raw emotions of a dog having a bad day.

‘The expressions were priceless and really entertaining’, Gamand told Today. ‘It was magic’.

The series went on to win the Portraiture category at the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards, and is set to be released as a book in the Fall of 2015.

UPDATE: Here’s an excerpt from our exclusive interview with Sophie Gamand!

You say that you get to explore the Human through our relationship with dogs. What insight or realizations have you uncovered, so far?

Dogs are the first and most striking example of artificial selection in the history of mankind. Men created dogs to fit purposes that were not fulfilled by other human partners. We shaped an entire species and subdued it, for our own personal needs and desires. I imagine that to dogs, we are gods. We dictate everything in their life. They fear us, love us, admire us. The fact that we created them should give us a responsibility towards them. But like the Greek gods, we tend to play and push boundaries in our relationship with dogs. We love them deeply, but we also enjoy making fun of them (dog shaming is huge on the Internet right now), or laugh at the miserable looks they give us when we bathe them, like in my ‘Wet Dog’ series.

Click here for the full interview

Via Huffington Post

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