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This ring was made from a box of colored pencils

When you’re on a budget and don’t want to spend on lavish (and overrated) jewelry for the love of your life, try adding some color – like literally – to your engagement ring instead. California-based woodworker Peter Brown created this cool and inexpensive ring from colored pencils. If you have the tools and talent of an expert craftsman, you could make one for yourself in a few steps.

Take a box of colored pencils, glue them together, then using a drill, punch a hole through the bundle. Afterwards, smoothen the ring with a lathe and lacquer. You now have the colors of the rainbow in the palm – or in the finger – of your hands.

You can watch the entire process in the video below.

UPDATE: Here’s an excerpt from our exclusive interview with the master colored-rings craftsman himself!

How long did it take you to make it?

A couple hours. The pencils were never intended to be glued and then turned at 1800 RPM’s! But after several re-gluing I had something quite unique. Unique but very delicate. What you see in the pictures and video is a really cool ring, but it’s not a durable item.

How difficult has it been to fulfill the orders you’ve received from Etsy? Were you surprised that this many people would want a colored pencil ring?

That’s the trouble. I’ve yet to make a production one. After my initial post from Imgur.com caught on, I got hundreds of requests for a ring I didn’t have, and was unable to make! I’ve since sunk a bunch of time and money into getting a ring make that looks like the first, but is quality enough to sell. I have no intention of selling brittle junk just to make a buck. It has to be quality. I’m still working at, and hope to have something soon!

Click here for the full interview.

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