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It’s true, we’re totallly, unconditionally, enamored with our phones

The love for your mobile device may not have been the first, but it is definitely one of the greatest. I got my first mobile in ninth grade, my first year at a posh international school that I both loved and hated. It allowed me to communicate with my best friends, speak on the phone ’till dawn with my crush (who then dumped me without a word) and be found by anyone and everyone who had my number.

Our phones evolve along with everything else in our lives: an unconditional love in its own right, but without all of the baggage. So why do we change our phones? Is it something one does with the seasons or to show off, like a hot new boyfriend?

Do we get too attached to it? Or do we have a bit of a unconditional love story going on with it?

We sneaked peeks at it in the middle of the night when we were teenagers; who knows, maybe she had finally answered your flirty text. We played ‘Snake’ on it, bought ringtones for it, snapped old-school selfies of ourselves. There was and is nothing like it for us, the kids of The Mobile Movement.

Check out the videos below to meet Harold and Juliette, Julian, Nick, and Tori and be a part of #themobilemovement by following their progress via the various social media channels.

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Marta is a Latvian writer but calls Rome her home. She gets her panties in a twist for high heels, cool hunting, Haruki Murakami and art history.

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