Featured Image for This swimsuit illustrates that the human anatomy is actually kinda sexy

This swimsuit illustrates that the human anatomy is actually kinda sexy

Summer is here, what will you be wearing to the beach? I know! Your internal organs, that’s it, make a statement by flashing your guts and flesh – that’ll catch you some attention! Australian clothing company ‘Black Milk Clothing’ is selling a swimsuit called ‘Dem Guts’, which illustrates the human anatomy – albeit in a sexy way.

The illustration includes the heart, lungs, intestines, and muscles. Surprisingly, the swimsuit has sold very well with stocks running very low. If you want to reveal your inner self this summer, we advise you order one now. You can purchase the scientifically awesome swimsuit here.

UPDATE: Still curious about this unique swimsuit? Check out our exclusive interview with Black Milk Clothing as they talk more about their quirky product! Here’s an excerpt:

What gave you the idea of designing a swimsuit with an illustration of the human anatomy? Weren’t you afraid that people would be a bit grossed out by the idea?

The Dem Guts swimsuit was actually a limited edition piece we created for Halloween last year. Our Halloween collections are always a bit different, we’ve done spiders and maggots and snakes and bones and other anatomy pieces – so in that context, guts made sense to us!

We’re not particularly concerned with the people who might be grossed out or think our gear is a bit weird – that’s ok, we’re not creating clothes for them. We’re creating clothes for people who don’t mind pushing a few boundaries every now and then..particularly on Halloween!

Click here for the full interview.

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