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Forget cookbooks, cookbook tattoos are the way to go

How come no one thought of this sooner? Instead of ruining perfectly good cookbooks by splattering, staining, dripping, and accidentally burning them in the kitchen, why not just plaster them on your skin?

I Tradizionali’ is a collection of recipes you can temporarily tattoo on yourself. Simply place it on your arm, or leg, or anywhere you might want to look up a recipe while cooking, then moisten it. Peel it off and there you have it, instant cookbook on your skin! Now you won’t have to risk your iPad getting oil stains every time you have to check a recipe.

The collection was created by Italian designers Sarah Richiuso and Marina Cinciripini. The recipes are available in Italian and English, and are divided into different packages containing four recipes each. They are currently taking pre-orders – one recipe pack costing $14 – over at crowdfunding site Eppela.

‘The project steers from the traditional behaviour of following cook books. Rather, it puts our bodies at the core of cooking,’ a description on their website reads. ‘This idea has clearly inspired the illustrations which are also used to demonstrate how the recipe is done’.

UPDATE: Here’s a bit from our exclusive interview with the culinary and creative duo behind ‘I Tradizionali’.

How did the idea for ‘I Tradizionali’ come about?

Marina: ‘The idea came out from an accidental action that I did once during a preparation of home-made pasta. I needed to remember all amount of ingredients without touching the laptop with my flour dirty hands, so I wrote all on my arm… immediately I thought about a temporary tattoo with nice illustrations. Last year I met Sarah and after some months I discovered her talent in illustration, so I proposed for her cooperation in this project for a contest. Thanks to our fusion of competencies, we conceived I Tradizionali’.

CLick here for the full interview.

Via Fast Co. Design

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