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Oh my! Headphones that look like slugs and snails

Prague-based artist Klara Pernicova created these highly disturbing set of headphones that look like slugs and snails. People unaware of the mischievous design are bound to get a shock when they see this person with molluscs crawling up and into her ears!

Pernicova says her artistic goal is to ‘unsettle people in their judgements at least for a little while. Or even to provoke them to an alternative explanation of reality’. As far as unsettling goes, I think she accomplished it quite well with these disturbing headphones, don’t you think?

UPDATE: Here’s a preview of our upcoming exclusive interview with Klara.

Where did the inspiration for the mollusk headphones come from?

I observe people surrounding me and I found they very often add some artificial things on their body. They for example wear pieces of metal (such as gold, steel, atc.) or some eletronic devices as well. Today´s human voluntarily inserts a piece of plastic (and a small speaker) into his ear, while he would be totally scared if it would be a slug what came into it. So I am asking where is the borderline between a piece of plastic and living animal.

Both are the same strange for our body but one of them is more ‘natural‘. The shape of earphone is pretty similar to the shape of slug or snail. And slug or snail can give an ergonomics shape to itself very easily. So I created this pair of headphones as a part of my project ‘Natural accessories‘. There are much more other things. For example tick earrings, louse bobby pin, ear bobby pin, pimple piercing, zipper fastener for trousers which looks like a tiny penis, and so on. And there is a video, wherein I shot within the work on headphones

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