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The Swedish rockabilly scene in photos

The rockabilly scene, filled with rock ‘n roll, muscle cars, and sweet-as-pie Americana is alive and well. In Sweden, of all places. The subculture is called ‘Raggare’, which is slang for ‘gathering’, which was used ‘in rockabilly times to mean collecting women in cars’. Nowadays a large amount of Swedes ‘live their lives as if they are in the ’50s or ’60s America’.

And every July 500,000 Raggare members meet up for ‘the biggest and baddest classic car show in the world’ and pack a small town with 21,000 cars, ‘including street rods, ’50s cruisers and ’60s muscle cars.’ Take a look at these snaps – looks like a fantastic way to live.

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Women primp themselves before a rockabilly meetup
A rockabilly family in a classic car
The rockabilly festival kicks off with 21,000 vehicles
A crowd during the rockabilly festival in July
Typical rockabilly fashion in Sweden
Muscle cars parked during the rockabilly festival