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Kintsugi: the art of repairing broken ceramics

Did you know that in Japan, the act of repairing broken ceramics is an art form? The 16th century ‘Kintsugi’, or ‘Kintsukuroi’, is a repairing technique that celebrates the broken item’s rich history by decorating its cracks instead of hiding them.

This is done by applying a mixture of urushi (lacquer resin), rice glue, and powdered gold, silver, or platinum. No two Kintsugi patterns are the same, with each golden stream’s path depending on the extent and pattern of the break. The method gives the broken pottery piece new life and identity, making it good as new – sometimes better than the original, even.

The video below was created by Greatcoat Films in London. They made the short film at Tokyobike, which held a Kintsugi workshop recently.

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