Featured Image for Flask Scarf: the discreet and classy way to booze up in public

Flask Scarf: the discreet and classy way to booze up in public

Finally, a gift worth giving to mother on Mother’s Day! The FlaskScarf is a clever invention that lets you sneak a midday swig of your favourite alcoholic beverage while staying classy and warm. It was invented by Utah-based Shawn Baxter, the same guy brought us the FlaskTie – a tie that lets you drink at work – and the PillowTie – another tie, but this time it can be used as a pillow… again at work.

Using the accessory is easy: Fill the ‘scarf bladder’ with 8 ounces of any drink you fancy, wear it around your neck, and bite the valve to enjoy a refreshing drink. ‘FlaskScarf is everything you need to get your drink on and look good doing it. Don’t settle for just one, you deserve both!’ says the description on the website.

It comes in a variety of colours and designs and can be purchased for $25 here.

UPDATE: Here’s a quick look at our upcoming exclusive interview with the company behind FlaskScarf!

Have you received any hilarious feedback regarding the FlaskScarf?

Absolutely. We encourage everyone with a FlaskScarf and FlaskTie to post pictures of them wearing it on our Instagram page using the #flaskscarf & #flasktie. We frequently scroll through the feeds and find hilarious photos of people using their scarves. My favorite was #whiskeymotorboat. Go look it up.

About the FlaskTie, have you heard of any stories of guys getting caught sipping booze from their ties while at work? Have YOU guys tried taking a swig while at the office?

Our operations guy, Shawn, let’s just say he doesn’t ‘Tie Responsibly’. Sometimes shipments go out… other times… No I’m just kidding. Actually, most of what we hear or see is from our Instagram feed. There are some really funny ones.

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