Featured Image for Hamster Eating A Tiny Burrito: we interviewed the guys behind the viral video

Hamster Eating A Tiny Burrito: we interviewed the guys behind the viral video

What do you get when you put together a tiny hamster and a tiny burrito? You get a viral video that’s already been viewed over 6 million times on YouTube. In this interview, we talk to ‘Hello Denizen’, the company behind the adorable ‘Tiny Hamster Eating Tiny Burritos’. Read on to find out how they made the video and what the little cute guy’s name is. [Read our original post about the hamster here.]

Where did you get the idea of ‘Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos’?
It’s kind of a universal truth that people take immense pleasure in watching little animals eat things. There are probably hundreds of gifs or videos of hamsters eating carrots. We love it. The only thing people seem to like more than just watching animals be cute on their own is when they’re being cute while acting like people – good old anthropomorphism. So we combined those two thoughts – animals eating like people – and opted for burritos because we knew a hamster would cram them into their cheeks.

How difficult was it in preparing tiny burritos and how long did it take?
There were a couple tricky parts. First, we had to be sure everything was hamster-safe. We didn’t want the little guys eating anything that could do them harm. So we worked with animal trainers to determine what would be doable. Our chef in the video, Farley Elliott, then did some experiments and decided that using egg roll wrappers as the tortilla would actually be best because they’d be the most malleable. All in all it took a few days of experimenting, but once we had it, it was quite simple.

What was your initial reaction when the hamster indulged in the burrito? Did it come as a surprise to you that hamsters love burritos?
Initial reaction: “Oh God, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.” The next reaction was “What am I doing with my life?” We loaded those burritos with things hamsters love to munch on, but weren’t sure if they’d be interested in the burrito format. But sure enough they went for it.

Your video has already surpassed 6 million views. Did you expect it to be this big of a hit?
We’ve been making viral videos for a long time as an ad agency. Our instincts told us that this would either work really well or be a complete dud. But we were absolutely surprised by how big it really went, and how positive and delighted people have been with it. John Oliver used it as eye bleach after doing a segment on the Death Penalty for his new HBO show (a really good segment at that) – and that was just about the biggest, most unexpected honor we could ask for.

You asked your YouTube followers on what to do for your next hamster video. What ideas did you like the most?
We’re going to play this one close to the vest! There will be another installment. Hopefully there will be infinite installments. But we want it to be a surprise to our friends online

Lastly, does the hamster have a name?
His name is Bogart. He’s a great hamster.