Featured Image for #CanonShine showcases beautiful images with a personal meaning behind them

#CanonShine showcases beautiful images with a personal meaning behind them

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We’re loving the breadth of photography on the #CanonShine platform, a project that celebrates images with a very personal meaning behind them. The competition, which is open to amateur and professional photographers alike, has showcased some truly beautiful images. And there’s a pretty sweet incentive for you to take part in it: the winning entrant will have their image brought to life through a national advertising campaign; a two month display in the NSW State Library; and will made a documentary made about their journey. [upload your photo to the #CanonShine platform here]

To help get you inspired, check out these photos and the stories behind them from some of our favourite Australian photographers and below are a few recent entrants that have caught our eye on the #CanonShine platform.

Photo by MARK
‘This is my great aunt Rita, well into her 90’s. This image depicts a proud woman, in full control of all her faculties, who proves that age is not a hindrance, but a gift. A passion for life and family, she is an inspiration to me.’

Photo by DANNY TAY
‘You have to take a certain path which looks scary. You can make that journey alone, or bring friends along for support. The latter will be a different journey over the same path – you decide which is right’.

Photo by MATTHEW
‘To be honest, I wasn’t seeking to change a perception. I just wanted to catch a moment when myself as a father had a conversation with my youngest son without saying a single word.’

Photo by ALLAN
‘A surfer braced himself as he looked steadily and intently on the waves. One’s passion sometimes builds more confidence and allows a person to do even the things that scares them the most.’

Photo by YVETTE
‘I like to take portraits and some of the people you take photos of never see the photos. I carry an instant camera with me to give a photo back instead of just taking.’

‘I’m passionate about free range hens and pigs – properly free range. Here are two little ladies (Shazza and Dumpling) experiencing free range heaven in suburbia. So Canberra really can be progressive and is officially the first to mandate free range for these sheilas #welldonecanberra’