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Library nerds: This candle will lift your soul with the smell of old books

It’s amazing just what scents you can get out of candles these days. There was one of Kentucky Fried Chicken, and now we’ve found a candle that library nerds will dig. Handmade by Minneapolis-based Frostbeard Studio, you can light up the Old Books soy wax candle and inhale its heavenly earthy scent with notes of timber, white tea, musk and of course, newsprint.

UPDATE: Cast your eyes across this excerpt from our exclusive interview with Roxie and Tom, the couple behind Frostbeard.

Out of your entire candle collection, what are your favourite scents and why?
We like ‘em all, but have a couple favorites. Roxie loves the original Oxford Library, and also Don’t Panic (Fresh Towel) because of the clean laundry scent and tie-in with The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Tom really likes the smell of Winterfell, which is woodsy and masculine.

What new scents are you planning to do next? Anything sci-fi in store?
We just created two new Sci-Fi scents: Hoth and A Leaf on the Wind.

Hoth smells like minty icy wintertime. A Leaf on the Wind is a mixture of desert sage, strawberry and a hint of gun smoke. We’ll have a Sci-Fi Lovers’ sample pack available soon.

Click here for the full interview.

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