Featured Image for Designer Nori: laser-cut seaweed with stunning geometric patterns

Designer Nori: laser-cut seaweed with stunning geometric patterns

Now this, this deserves to be called food porn! In the wake of the tragic 2011 tsunami that hit Japan, ad agency I&S BBDO and seaweed shop owner Umino Hiroyuki designed a series of laser-cut seaweed to help boost the weak sales of local nori manufacturers.

‘Japanese people are eating less seaweed than before and I wanted to do something about the decline in demand, make some waves in a positive way, said Hiroyuki. ‘I wanted people to know how interesting and appealing seaweed is, not to mention delicious’.

Called ‘Design Nori’, each intricate pattern carries design elements from traditional Japanese art and history. Each sheet symbolizes a wish for the victims of disaster-struck areas: Cheery Blossoms for beauty, Water Drops for luck, Hemp for growth, and Turtle Shells for long life. One can’t help but be amazed at the amount of detail that can be etched on something as flimsy as nori. Anyone who can appreciate beauty will have a hard time eating these sushi visually-striking sushi rolls!

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Umino Hiroyuki
Umino Hiroyuki

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