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Photographer lends his talents to adoptable dogs with this tender photo series

Photographer, dog lover, and all-around good guy Brian Moss wanted to help out the homeless animals in his community, but didn’t have the emotional strength to volunteer – especially at ‘kill centres’. Instead, he leveraged his skills with the camera and created, ‘Rescue Me’, a touching photo series featuring the beautiful and adoptable dogs of the Bergen County Protect and Rescue in New Jersey.

‘The hope is for others to see their portraits and see beyond their identifiers as ‘strays’ or ‘owner surrenders’, to reimagine these cats and dogs as a vital part of their own lives. A second chance’. He says. ‘So I set up a tiny ‘studio tableaux’ at the shelter, in between a sink and a leaky washing machine, and started my new job’.

UPDATE: Here’s a preview of our upcoming exclusive interview with Brian Moss!

How has ‘Rescue Me’ benefited the dogs of the Bergen Country Protect and Rescue so far?

Absolutely, having good photos on the various adoption sites as well as the shelter’s Facebook page is very important. A good animal portrait breathes life into its subject, it helps people re-imagine these animals as a vital part of their home. A second chance.

Have some of them already been adopted since the series went public?

Yes, but it’s an ongoing process, with no end. My job is to photograph all dogs that the shelter takes in. They can be local strays and surrenders or animals that have been taken by my shelter from other kill shelters. So for every dog that has been adopted we have probably taken in several dogs that day or that week that need to be photographed and adopted.

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