Featured Image for NASA’s Hubble telescope photos printed on scarves

NASA’s Hubble telescope photos printed on scarves

Hey girl, you’re gonna be a star when you wear one of these space-themed scarves! Celine Semaan Vernon of Slow Factory created this collection of celestial scarves using NASA’s publicly available Hubble Telescope photos. Each design contains the wonders of the universe and was carefully handcrafted with sustainable practices, such as using organic material for their fabric.

Vernon recalls the inspiration for the scarf collection, ‘I come from a land of chaos: Beirut, Lebanon. Ever since I was a child, we moved around, traveling from Beirut to Paris to Montreal. Throughout it all, the stars always guided our travels and imagining space became a way to ground me. Because while I never had a traditional definition of home, I always felt comforted by the constant presence of the stars’.

Amazed by the connecting abilities of the open-knowledge, open-source movement, she turned to NASA’s collection of satellite images to remind us ‘how we can find beauty and connection in the cosmos’.

UPDATE: We had an exclusive interview with Celine, here’s an excerpt

The scarves have become really popular online, how does it feel that many share your enthusiasm for the cosmos and fashion?

I think it goes beyond sharing the love of the cosmos but also supporting a company that is mission driven and that makes sure that everything we produce is made ethically with an environmentally friendly process. There are lots of cosmos printed synthetics online: from the leggings to stalkings to bathing suits. I think it’s ironic to print such a wonderful image that symbolizes something greater than us on a fabric that pollutes our environment and kills the Earth! I think we have grown to be liked because we value our Earth and live by the mantra that ‘It is time we slow down and think of the big picture. Use less. Chose wisely. Make things that are meant to last and that are timeless’.

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