Hi-Steppin’: the new single from Terry McDermott and The Bonfires

I’m always on the look-out for new music and this awesome new track, Hi-Steppin’ by Terry McDermott & The Bonfires, certainly piqued my interest. An up-tempo pop-rock hybrid featuring vocals from Terry McDermott – runner-up from Season 3 of The Voice in the US – it follows on from Pictures, his number one in the US iTunes Rock Chart last year.

We spoke to the track’s co-creator and bassist, Alex Smith of World Leader Pretend, about the track and how it came together:

‘In all honesty, the track came together very quickly. I was playing some ideas to our guitarist Dave Rosser, which I had recorded with a dictaphone App on my phone, and out jumped the riff for ‘High Steppin’. Dave fired up his studio, drum loops were laid down, big synth mania kicked in and Terry (McDermott) topped it all off with the melody’.

So what about the band? I gather you’re a pretty eclectic bunch?
‘Yeah, you could say that! We’re a New Orleans based, rock-pop combo, and we try to keep things pretty unique – kind of like a night in the French Quarter! We have vocalists – Terry McDermott (formerly of Geffen Recording’s Driveblind and also Runner Up of The Voice Season 3); guitarist Dave Rosser of the Afghan Whigs and Twilight Singers; keyboardist Richard Hyland of Scottish indie artists The Needles; myself on bass; percussionist Eric Bolivar of Eric Burden And The Animals; and Anders Osborne’.

So how did “Hi-Steppin” come together?
‘I guess we’ve just tried to combine Terry McDermott’s soaring vocals with ever-evolving supersonic rock sounds that roll the dirty grit of the 70’s, glam-slam riffs from the 80’s, and the pulsing pop-rock of the not-too-distant 90’s into one sweet sound that makes you want to move and shake. What you get is an immigrant rock band with ingredients from both sides of the Atlantic, flash fried together in the Big Easy’.

And if you were to describe your sound, stylistically?
‘Imagine if The Verve and The Who had a love child that kicked its way out of the womb, ready to rock. Well, that’s us!’

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