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The mobile home of your dreams

While many would opt not to live in a mobile home, this fancy $22,000 ($33,000 if you include the appliances and furniture) house on wheels might just change a few minds. Conceived by Andrew and Gabriella Morrison in their quest to escape the rat race and completely change their way of living, they built ‘hOMe’ in just roughly four months.

Even though it’s small, measuring at 221 square foot (around 20.5 square meters), it does come with a master bedroom, a bathroom, a mini guest loft, a fully-equipped kitchen, and a space-saving staircase that doubles as a closet. Thanks to some beautiful design aesthetics, the modern ‘house on wheels’ looks very cozy and inviting, shedding the bad rep mobile homes have gotten over the years.

You can find out more about this tiny abode here.

UPDATE: Check out this sneak peek of our interview with Andrew and Gabriella as they discuss their transition from living in a lavish house to a simple but comfy home.

Could you explain to us the concept behind ‘hOMe’?

The principle concept behind the hOMe design is ‘tiny house living without compromise’. Before beginning the actual design process, we created a list of ‘must haves’. These were items/qualities that were a true requirement for a house to feel like a long term, permanent home.

The list included: full sized kitchen with full sized appliances, a good sized bathroom with a regular sink and shower unit, ample head room in the lofts, space for a home office for two, copious amounts of storage, comfortable stairs to the master loft, furniture that doubles as storage, a bright open feel, and a clean modern look. By setting out to create the design within these parameters, the process was simple; we just had to carve out the space to accommodate each of them.

All of this needed to be done within our budget of $33,000. By using design elements and materials that were cost effective, we were able to make our money stretch as much as possible which allowed us to spend money on nicer appliances, windows and cabinetry. The cost of hOMe includes everything that one sees except for personal contents and mattresses. Our needs are graciously met in hOMe and it supports us by making sure that we don’t start to fill our lives with unnecessary things again.

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