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Japanese adult company Tenga comes up with a disposable ‘self-loving’ glove

Ok, so the Japanese are out there when it comes to fashion, horror movies and toothpaste trends. But who knew that they were also so out there when it comes to sex toys?

On the 1st of May, 2014, Japanese adult toy company Tenga is planning to release a masturbation sleeve/glove that a man puts on his, well, you know where, when he’s wanting to have a bit of alone time doing, well, you know. But unlike other self-loving sleeves that can be found on the market and resemble clunky dildos, Pocket Tenga fits in your pocket, can shut neatly and be disposed of once you’re done.

There will be three different types: different strokes for different folks, one might say. You’ll be able to shake hands with Abraham Lincoln (yes, these 1000 pet names for masturbation are hilarious!) while wearing the rather scary-sounding ‘Wave Line’, ‘Block Edge’ or ‘Click Ball’ styles, all conveniently packaged with a packet of lubricant.

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Japan Invents Disposable Masturbation Toy for Men

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