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This Easter Snake is THE most adorable thing ever

Canadian DevianART user ‘NocturneJewel’ was visited not by the Easter Bunny, but by something a million times more awesome: the Easter Snake! The pet snake is a leucistic Texas Rat Snake (Pantheropis obsoletus) and goes by the name Crescent. She’s about 9 years old, over 4 feet long, and loves hiding swallowing all your Easter eggs – and probably the Easter Bunny as well.

The bunny ears were created by a friend of ‘NocturneJewel’. When asked how she managed to put the silly-looking bunny ears on the snake, she said, ‘It really wasn’t that hard. The strap on the bunny ears is a pipe cleaner so that makes it adjustable. And to take this picture, I just lifted off Crescent’s shelter where she was sleeping, slipped on the bunny ears very fast and took a few pictures before Crescent became too aware of my silliness and started moving around too much. Only took a few minutes’.

Who would like to get a visit from the Easter Snake next year?

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