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Here’s what really goes on at a bachelorette party

Photographer Dina Litovsky attended more than 40 bachelorette parties over 3 years to capture ‘both their sexier and more intimate moments’ and ‘to learn about the tradition’. Litovsky says of her project: ‘I find that the wildness exhibited at the bachelorette party is a kind of reaction to the chauvinistic attitudes of the culture. For a lot of girls, the bachelorette party is a get-out-of-jail card–one or two nights where they can break gender roles with impunity’.

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A bachelorette party takes place with a group of women drinking alcohol from the bottle
Two women lie on a hotel room bed, enjoying a midnight snack after a bachelorette party
A woman gets tied up in a hotel room during a bachelorette party
A male stripper is invited to this bachelorette party
Women in a limo attempt to blow up condoms like balloons
A bride-to-be holds a bouqet of flowers as she readies herself
Women are going home from a lively bachelorette party