The world’s only penis museum needs a human penis

For 40 years, the curator of the one and only penis museum in the world has collected penises from all walks of life; from polar bear penises, to reindeer penises, to whale penises, he has a penis for every specie there is. Except one: a human’s.

‘The Final Member’ is a documentary about the curator’s quest to find the last member of his collection. So far, he’s found two willing donors. One is a man from Iceland who’s willing to donate his penis once he passes away. The other is an American who wants to part with his penis, which he fondly calls Elmo, BEFORE he dies. And just so everyone knows where Elmo came from, the owner even had the stars and stripes tattooed on it!

Who will win this head-to-head battle? The Icelander or the American? Guess we’ll just to hung around and wait for the documentary to come out.