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#themobilemovement and its high maintenance stars

You, me and your grandma, we’re all part of the same movement: The Mobile Movement. Human communication is different than it was five years ago and it will never be the same as it is right now because everything is moving at light speed, and we evolve around it.

We rely on our devices to connect us to our loved ones in time of need, to new projects, and provide non-stop entertainment. Why? Because we can, and because dammit, it is 2014.

Some might say that we are spoiled: we want it all and we want it now. We don’t question the reliability of our phones or computers. If they break or just decide to give up on us, we do the same. And fast. We move on.

Our friends at AT&T are supporting and, indeed, celebrating this movement. After all, we are all in this together: your device, network and, most importantly, you.

All of which brings us to their engaging new campaign, #themobilemovement. AT&T are traveling across America to discover the many faces of the mobile movement and document how it is changing their lives.

Check out the videos below to meet Grayson and Matt, Bryan, Olivia, and Alexis and be a part of #themobilemovement by following their progress via the various social media channels.

ATT HighMaintence Alexis
ATT HighMaintence Bryan
ATT HighMaintence Olivia
ATT HighMaintence Ria