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Here’s how Honey Maid responded to anti-gay backlash

Honey Maid has been in the news lately for their ‘This is wholesome’ ad campaign that featured all sorts of families. One of those families just happened to be a gay couple with children. Another was a military family, a rocker family, a single dad family and an interracial family unit. It’s a pretty heartwarming ad but as always, people will always have something to say when it comes to seeing a gay family on the TV. In this case, the things they said were not the nicest: ‘horrible, NOT ‘WHOLESOME,’ ‘DO NOT APPROVE!’ and ‘Disgusting’.

Think Honey Maid sat back and watched? No way! They asked two artists Linsey Burritt and Crystal Grover of INDO to turn those hateful comments into something else. They printed out each hateful comment, rolled it into a tube and grouped those tubes together to form an artwork of love.

Via The New Yorker

A still from the Honey Maid Wholesome ad campaign showing a two-father family