A brand video that mocks all the advertising clichés in every brand video

Stock footage company, Dissolve, is promoting their brand by using ad clichés to poke fun at other brands that use ad clichés. A bit confused? Watch the video and you’ll understand.

‘This Is A Generic Brand Video’ is a parody of every promo video out there that has used clichés like ‘walking on the beach, ‘time-lapse of a city at night’, ‘people planting trees’, and ‘attractive people smiling’. The hilarious video was inspired by an article of the same title by Kendra Eash.

Dissolve says on their website: ‘The minute we saw Kendra Eash’s brilliant ‘This Is A Generic Brand Video’ on McSweeney’s, we knew it was our moral imperative to make that generic brand video so. No surprise, we had all the footage’.

Via Laughing Squid